West Point Story/The Men of West Point   "His Brothers Fist" 16/11/56 played Tom Kennedy
West Point Story/The Men of West Point "Cold Peril" 12/4/57 played Tom Kennedy
Wagon Train "Estaban Zamora Story" 21/10/59 played Bernabe Zamora
Wagon Train "Maggie Hamilton Story" 6/4/60 played Yellow Bear
Wagon Train "Tiburcio Mendez Story" 22/3/61 played Joaquin Delago
Wagon Train "The Baylor Crowfoot Story" 21/3/62 played Emeterio Vasquez
What's Going On Up There? 2008 introduced

Your Favourite Story "Adoption" 21/6/53
Ancient Mysteries 1996-1998  narrator
A World to Come 1999 narrator
American Photography 1999
An Introduction to Energy pre 1981
An American Synagogue:Frank Lloyd Dewright,Mortimer Cohen & The Making of Beth Shalom  2009
Big Town "Kid Stuff"1953  played a thug
Broken Arrow "Trial" 22/1/57
Broken Arrow "Conquistador" 8/10/57
Bonanza "The Ape" 17/12/60 played Freddie
Bonanza TNG  "Under Attack" 1995 played Frank James
Baffled(unsold pilot) 30/1/73 played Chester Kovak
Biography "Gene Roddenberry" 17/7/94 guest
Biography "Leonard Nimoy" 14/9/96 himself
Biography "Moshe Dayan-A Warriors Story" 1996 narrated
Biography "Lloyd Bridges" 23/7/98 guest
Biography "Leslie Ann Warren" 14/4/99 guest
Biography "Ted Danson" 2002 guest
Becker "Tor-Mentor" 23/4/01 played Prof Fowler
Basic Television Terms 1977
Bangles Greatest Hits(Goin Down to Liverpool) 1990 chauffeur
The Big Bang Theory"The Transporter Malfunction" 29/3/2012 voice of Spock
Click here                                                      C
Colt 45 "Night of Decision" 28/6/59 played Luke Reed
Cain's 100 "Murder by Proxy" 6/2/62 played Ralph Tomek
Combat "The Wounded Don't Cry" 22/10/63 played Neumann
Combat "The Raider" 28/12/65 played Private Baum
C'mon Saturday 1977 host
Columbo "A Stitch in Crime" 11/2/73 played Dr Mayfield
Crime(unsold pilot-later known as The Alpher Caper)6/10/73 play
Civilization IV (game-voice)
Coral Jungle 1975 host
coral jungle episode list:
Coral Jungle
The Hungary Sea
Incredible Dolphins
Islands of Tragedy
Lost World of Mangrove Swamp
Night Prowlers of the Deep
Search for Sunken Ships
Sharks-The Terror,The Truth
Shipwreck Reefs
Mysteries of the Reef
Plight of the Pelicans
Sea Snakes: Serpents of Death
Coral Labyrinth
Dragnet"Big Boys" 21/1/54 played Julius Carver
Dragnet "Big Name" 31/3/59 played Karlo Rozwadowski
Doctor Kildare"Island Like a Peacock" 16/5/63 played Harry
Death Valley Days/Trails West "The Journey" 29/6/65 played Yellow Bear
Daniel Boone "Seminole Territory"13/1/66 played Ootah
Dundee and The Culhane 1968
Deadly Games    dir/ex pro/creative consul'
Duckman "Where No Duckman Has Gone Before"(voice)himself
Dawn-A Journey to the Begining of the Solar System (narr')2007

87th Precinct "The Very Hard Sell" 4/12/61 played Barrow
Embers 25/12/1963 (radio)
Eleventh Hour"La Belle Indifference" 18/12/63 played Detective Cardell
Eleventh Hour "Colour of Sunset" 22/4/64 played Bart Pelco
Electronic Rainbow-Television 1977
Fireside Theatre/Fireside Arena Theatre "A Man of Peace"   1953
Four Star Playhouse "Knockout" 1/1/53
Faerie Tale Theatre"Aladin and his Wonderful Lamp" 15/7/86 magician
Forging Greatness:Lincoln in Indiana
Futurama(animation)"Space Pilot 3000" 28/3/99 (voiceover)as himself
Futurama(animated)"Where No Fan Has Gone Before" 23/4/02 (voiceover) as himself
The Fly Papers:the buzz on Hollywoods scariest insect  2000
Fringe  'Bad Dreams' 21/04/09 (voice) William Bell
Fringe 'There's More Than One of Everything' 12/05/09 William Bell
Fringe 'Momentum Deferred' 08/10/09 William Bell
Fringe 'Grey Matters' 10/12/09 William Bell / Dr Paris
Fringe 'Over There' pt 1&2  13/05/10 & 20/05/10 William Bell
Fringe 'Lysergic Acid Diethylamide'  15/04/11 William Bell
Fringe 'Letters in Transit' 20/04/12 William Bell
Fringe 'Brave New World pt 1'   04/05/12 William Bell
Fringe 'Brave New World pt2' 11/05/12 William Bell

             Gunsmoke"A Man a Day"30/12/61 played Elias Grice
Gunsmoke "Search" 15/9/62 played Arnie
Gunsmoke " I Call Him Wonder" 2/3/63 played Holt
Gunsmoke"Treasure of John Walking Fox" 16/4/66 played John Walking Fox
Get Smart "The Dead Spy Scrawls" 22/1/66 played Stryker
The Gathering(unsold pilot) 12/69(also featured Adam Nimoy)
Greenhouse Gamble 1992  host

Harbor Command " $5,000 in Diamonds" 1956 played Fred Garrison
aka Contraband Diamonds
Highway Patrol "Blood Money"  1958 played Ray
Highway Patrol "Hot Dust" 28/1/58 played Harry Wells
Harbourmaster/Adventures at Scott Island          1958
The Life & Times of Hank Greenburg 1999(funding)
The Hydrogen Age:Energy Solutions for the 21st Century(2004)
(The) Harryhausen Chronicles 1998 narrator
The Hollywood Palace   12/10/68  guest
Honoring the Earth,Seeking the Stars  1986
I Led Three Lives        1953
If The Mind Is Free..1971 narrator
In Search Of......              1976-1981 narrator
Kraft Suspense Theatre "The World I Want" 1/10/64 played Brody
Kraft Suspense Theatre "Kill No More" 29/4/65 played Cowell
Kingdom Hearts-Birth By Sleep 7/10/10 voice of Master Xehanort (pc game-english version)

Lock Up "Morality and the Shield" 3/2/59 played Nino Baselice
                                          aka 'The Case of Frank Corry'
Laramie "The Runt" 20/2/62 played Rex Cartlin
The Lieutenant "In The Highest Tradition" 29/2/64 played Greg Sanders
Luke and the Tenderfoot (unsold pilot) 6/8/65 played Clyde Meekam
Luke and the Tenderfoot (revised pilot) 13/8/65 played Sherrill
Lake of the Sky vol1 & 2
The Last Question 1966 (narrator)
The Lazy Song 2011 (Bruno Mars music vid)

Matinee Theatre "Gunfight" 1955
Man Called X " Speech" 22/11/56
Mackenzie's Raiders "False Cavalrymen" 1958 played Kansas Jones
M Squad "Firemakers" 17/4/59 played Ben Blacker 
M Squad "Badge for a Coward" 24/5/60 played Bob Nash
Michael Shayne PD " Night with Nora" 7/10/60 played Larry Ludlow
Man From Uncle "Project Strigas Affair" 24/11/64 played Vladeck
Man Called Shenandoah "Run Killer Run" 10/1/66 played Del Hillman
Marco Polo 1981 played Achmet
Minyan in Kaifeng 2001 (narrator)
Microwarriors:The Power of Probiotics (narrator) 2014
Malibu U 1967
Mystery of Mars 2000
host of (adventure) Mutual Radio Theatre 1980
Muppets Tonight 15/3/96  himself
Mission From The Heart 1991 (narrator)
Mission Impossible 28/9/69-29/3/71 played Paris
mission impossible episode list:
seasons 4 &  5
The Code
The Numbers Game
The Controllers(2 parts)
Fool's Gold
The Double Circle
The Brothers
Time Bomb
The Amnesiac
The Falcon (3 parts)
Lover's Knot
The Crane
Death Squad
The Choice
The Martyr
The Killer
Flip Side
The Innocent
My Friend,My  Enemy
The Amateur
The Rebel
Squeeze Play
The Hostage
Cat's Paw
The Missile
The Field
The Catafalque
A Ghost Story
The Party
The Merchant

Navy Log "Sacrifice" 22/5/56 played Steve Henderson
Not For Hire 'The Basic Rumble' 26/2/60 played Candoli  
(Rod Serling's)Night Gallery "She'll Be Company For You" 24/12/72 played Henry
(Rod Serling's)Night Gallery "Death on a Barge"  4/3/73 (directed)
New York Stock  Exchange:A Portrait  1992
New England Time Capsule 1987 narrated
The Outer Limits "Production & Decay of Strange Particles" 20/4/64 played Konig
The Outer Limits "I Robot"14/11/64 played Judson Ellis
The Outer Limits(remake)"I Robot" 23/7/95 played Thurmann Carter
Our 20th Century 2002 (himself)
Outlaws "Shorty" 3/11/1960 played Logan
The Once and Future Griffith Observatory          
Perry Mason "Case of the Shoplifters Shoe" 3/1/63 played Pete Chenery
Profiles in Courage "Trial of Richard Ely" 6/12/64 played Burr Jones
The Powers of Matthew Star "The Triangle" 19/2/82 (directed)
Priceline adverts 2004
The Pinky Lee Show  1950 played Knuckles

Queen for a Day "High Diver" 14/3/51 played 'Chief ' Kojouski
Racket Squad      1953
Rough Riders "Gunpoint Persuasion" 30/4/59 played Jeff Baker
Rebel "Hunted" 6/11/60 played Jim Colburn
Rawhide "Incident Before Black Pass" 19/5/61 played Annko
Rambam 2005 voice of rambam
Rashi -a light after the dark ages 1999 voice of Rashi

Salome 24/10/1963 directed (radio)
Silent Service"The Eyes of the Seawolf" 1/8/57 played Rudy Gervais
Silent Service"Final War Patrol" 12/9/57 played sailor #1
Silent service"The Bergall's Revenge" 17/4/58 played sonor man
Sea Hunt "Shipwreck" 28/10/58 played Vince Porter
Sea Hunt "Dead Mans Cove" 25/11/58 played Robert Tyler
Sea Hunt "Alcatraz Story" 14/1/59 played Johnny Brand
Sea Hunt "Sea Serpent" 28/6/59 not credited-fuel thief
(small clip from above episode used in Chain of Evidence 14/06/59)
Sea Hunt "Nerve Gas" 14/4/59 Jerry Wiley 
Sea Hunt "Time Fuse" 18/4/60 played Luis Hoyo
Sea Hunt "Invadors" 12/5/60 played Indio Ramirez
Stranded(unsold pilot) 1966 (later known as Valley of Mystery 21/4/67)
Stoney Burke "Fight Night" 8/10/62 played Art Paxson
Sam Benedict "20 Aching Years" 20/10/62 played Joe Shatley
Steve Canyon 'The Search' 15/1/ 58 control tower sgt
Star Trek (unsold pilot )"The Cage" 15/12/64 played Spock
Star Trek 1966-1969 (79 episodes) played Spock
Star Trek (animation ) 1973 (voiceover) played Spock.
Star Trek XI (working title-currently in production) Spock
Standby,Lights,Camera,Action      1983  host
TNG Star Trek "Unification"(2 pts) 2/11/91 played Spock
The Simpsons(animation) "Marge & the Monorail" 14/1/93(voiceover) himself
The Simpsons (animation) "Springfield Files" 12/1/97(voiceover) himself
The Sun Also Rises   1984 played Count Algo Mippopolous
Selected Shorts(radio)
The Cooking Poet
The Catbird Seat
Silent Snow,Secret Snow
My Singular Irene
Good Intentions
Seapower:A Global Journey-narrates
Sex and Religion (ep2) 27/09/2010
Target "Piano to Thunder Springs" 1951
26 Men "Ricochet" 24/2/59 played Blake
26 Men "Trail of Revenge" 17/5/59
26 Men "Long Trail Home" 13/2/59 played Toke Shaw
Tombstone Territory "Sanctuary/Horse Thief" 13/11/59 played Little Hawk
Tate "Commanche Scalps" 10/8/60
To Be Takei 2014 (himself)
Tall Man "Bounty for Billy" 15/10/60 played Johnny Swift
Tall Man "Gun is for Killing"14/1/61 played Johnny Swift
This Man Dawson   1/1/1959
The True Story-Star Trek 2013 (himself)
Tales of Wells Fargo "Something Pretty" 17/4/61 played Jim Coleman
Two Faces West "Doctors Orders" 12/9/61 played Johnny Collins
Three Faces of Love (unsold pilot later known as Kiss me again Stranger) 1/5/74 played Mick
The Twilight Zone "Quality of Mercy" 29/12/61 played Hanson
T.J.Hooker "Vengence is Mine" 5/2/83 played Paul McGuire
TJ Hooker "The Decoy" 22/1/82  (directed)
The $20,000 Pyramid  1977(guest with Bill Shatner)
Target New Jersey-Mission From the Heart 1991 narrates
Warning by OLNFC 'The Day That Panicked America' dvd cover states
Leonard narrates--he doesn't .Many dealers are advertising this as a Nimoy product so beware

The Untouchables "Takeover" 1/3/62 played Packy

The Virginian "Man of Violence" 25/12/63 played Wismer
The Virginian "Showdown" 14/4/65 played Benjamin Frome
The Virginian "Show Me a Hero" 17/11/65 played Keith Bentley