The Birthday of the World-
music & traditions of the high & holy days.Part 2-Yom Kippur    Western Wind cd 1996
Brain in a Box-the sci fi collection     (5 CD set)  Rhino 1995
                                                           (includes alien-track 19,disc
                                                            music to watch space girls by-track 5,disc 5
       Ballad of Bilbo Baggins/Cotton Candy   Dot 45rpm 1969

The Birthday of the World-
music and traditions of the high & holy days Part 1.-Rosh Hashanah    Western Wind cd 1995

Consilium/Here We Go Round Again  Dot 45 rpm 1969

Chanukka in Story and Song        Western Wind cd  2001
The Martian Chronicles.             Caemon 1975
side A
there will come soft rains,
usher11-the begining
side B

The Mysterious Golem         JRT Records 1982

The Mysterious Golem of Prague  cd tara 1998

The New World of Leonard Nimoy    Dot 1969
side 1
time to get it together,
ruby don't take your love to town,
the mayor of ma's cafe,i walk the line
i finally saw the 2 of you today,mary's near.
side 2.
abraham martin and john,proud mary,
let it be me,everybody's been talkin'
the sun will rise,put a little love in your heart.

Outer Space,Inner Mind           Paramount 1974 (double LP)
theme from star trek,alien,where is love,
music to watch space girls by,beyond antares,
twinkle twinkle little earth,
side 2
mission impossible,lost in the stars,
where no man has gone before,
you are not alone,a visit toa sad planet,
spock thoughts
side 3
i'd love making love to you,sunny,both sides now,
love is sweeter,put a littlelove in your heart.
side 4
abraham martin and john,proud mary,
everybody's been talkin',gentle on my mind,
if I were a carpenter.

OBSERVATIONS -  Intrada MAF 7113  2009 (narrates track 8)

Science Fiction Soundbook   caedmon 1977

Silver Lining                           BMP Music 1995
(actors read poems)
Leonard side 1 track 6-will I think of you

Symphonic Star Trek                         telarc         1996
(leonard narrates)

Souls on Fire                          ZC Music cd/cass 1999
(leonard narrates)

Spock v's Q                      Simon & Schuster audio 1999

Spock v's Q-The Sequal       Simon &  Schuster audio 2001

Spock v's Q Collection         Simon & Schuster audio 2001

Star Trek-Strangers from  the Sky Pocket audio 1987

Spock's World                               Pocket audio 1989       

       The Touch of Leonard Nimoy        Dot 1969
side 1
I search for tomorrow,maiden wine,
now's the time,cycles,i think it's gonna rain today
side 2
I just can't help believin,nature boy,
contact,the man I would like to be,
a trip to nowhere,piece of hope..
Spaced Out-the best of Leonard Nimoy & Bill Shatner      MCA 1997
side 1.(leonards only)
Highly illogical,if I had a hammer,where is love,
music to watch space girls by,
ruby dont take your love to town
side 2(leonard's only)
a visit to a sad planet,abraham martin & john,
if I were a capenter,I'd love making love to you,
put a little love in your heart,sunny,
gentle on my mind,I walk the line,bilbo baggins,
everybody's talkin',both sides now,spock thoughts.
       Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy        Dot 1968
side 1.
highly illogical,the difference between us,
once I smiled,spock thoughts,by myself,
follow your star,amphibious assult
side 2
the ballad of bilbo baggins,cotton candy,
gentle on my mind,miranda,if I were a carpenter,
love of the common people.
Taste of Eternity-a musical shabbat       Western Wind 1998
Taste of Eternity-a musical shabbat pt 2 Western Wind 2008

Time For Yesterday                                 Pocket Audio 1989.

Time To Get It Together/Sun Will Rise             Dot 45rpm 1970

Visit To A Sad Planet/Star Trek Theme      Dot 45rpm 1968

Voice Tracks                                                          1969
Vulcan's Forge             Simon & Schuster audio        1997

War of the Worlds-invasion from Mars LA Theatre Works cd 1994

War of the Worlds                         caedmon 1976                           

Whales Alive                                Living Music inc cd 1987

Web of the Romulans                        pocket 1988
You And I                               Petunia Audio  1978

    You Are Not Alone                     MCA 1987
side 1
alien,you are not alone
where no man has gone before,
a visit to a sad planet
side 2
twinkle twinkle little earth,
beyond antares,themefrom star trek,
where is love.

You And I & Will I think of You       Bradshaw 1980

           Salamander-'Birds of Appetite'
contains "Yomin", which has some fun with samples of Leonard Nimoy reading Ray Bradbury
Other Artists Recordings That Feature Leonard

Please Don't Try To Change My Mind/I Love Making Love To You Dot 45 rpm 1968

Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr Spock's Music From Outer Space   Dot 1968
side 1                                                                                     REDIFFUSION
theme from star trek,alien,wherei is love,music to watch girls by,  VARESE cd 1995
beyond ataries,twinkle twinkle little earth,
side 2
mission impossible,lost in the stars,where noman has'
you are not alone,a visit to a sad planet.

Leonard Nimoy                              Sears 1988
side 1.
theme from star trek,you are not alone,
twinle twinkle little earth,once I smiled,
ballad of bilbo baggins.
side 2
spock thoughts,there we go round again.
consilium,I searchfor tomorrow.

Leonard Nimoy Space Odyssey               Pickwick 1972
side 1.
theme from star trek,you are not alone,
twinkle twinkle little earth,once I smiled
the ballad of bilbo baggins.
side 2
spock thoughts,here we go around again
colnsilium,I search for tomorrow.

Leonard Nimoy-The Way I Feel            Dot 1968
side 1
ilove making love to you,please don't try to change my mind,
sunny,where it's at,both sides now,if I had a hammer
side 2
here we go round again,billy don't play the banjo anymore,
it's getting better,consilium,love is sweeter,
the hitch hiker.

Leonard Nimoy Science Fiction-The Gold Collection    cd rom Global
(host pt1&2 )

Jewish Stories From The Old World To The New     KCRWMusic 2000
             (various artists)        (18cd's or 12 cass)

Jewish Short Stories From Eastern Europe and Beyond   Yiddish book Centre 1995
                                         (various artists)         (10 cd set)

I Love Making Love to You/Please Don't Try to Change My Mind  Dot 45rpm 1968

The Illustrated Man-the veldt-marionette inc          Caedmon 1976
side A the veldt
side B marionettes inc

I Am Spock                              Brilliance cass 1995

Halleys Comet-once in a lifetime     Caedmon  cass 1986

Highly Illogical-Spock's Greatest Hits        cd       Rev Ola 1993
side 1
highly illogical,ifI had a hammer,
the difference between us,rubydon't take your '
where it's at,abraham martin and john,contact,
nature boy,consilium,everybody's been talkin'
here we go round again.
side 2
proud mary,once Ismiled,both sides now,
ballad of bilbo baggins,I walk the line,
amphibious assullt,ifI were a carpenter,
spock thoughts,love ofthe common people.

Get Off       (public service announcement-anti drugs) 1974

The Green Hills of Earth,and Gentlemen Be Seated         Caedmon 1977
side A
green hills of earth
green hills of earth part2
side B
gentlemen be seated 

Golden Throats1                   Rhino  cd/cass 1988
(various artists)
includes proud mary & if I had a hammer

Golden Throats 2                   Rhino cd/cass 1991
(various artists)
includes put a little love in your heart

Golden Throats 3                    Rhino cd/cass
(various artists)
includes I walk the line  

Four Science Fiction Classics        Harper collins  1993 (4 cass)
                     features readings by Bill Shatner/Leonard
               includes the martian cronicles&the green hills of earth

Star Trek V-The Final Frontier        Simon & Schuster audio  1989
                                                         (this is the movie version)

Star Trek-The Final Frontier           Simon & Schuster audio 1989
                                                      (this is the carey novel version) 

Enterprise-The First Adventure        Simon& Schuster audio 1988

The Entropy Effect                          Simon & Schuster audio 1988 

Dr Demento's 25th Anniv' Collection       Rhino 1995
                                                          (includes highly illogical)

Dr Demento's 30th Anniv Collection        Rhino 2000
                                                 (includes ballad of bilbo baggins)

Alien Voices                  Simon & Schuster Audio
                               Journey to Centre of the Earth 1977
        The Lost World 1997
              The Time Machine 1997
              The Invisable Man 1998
                        The First Men in the Moon 1998
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