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1. Zachary Quinto as Spock
2.Leonard as Spock
3.Leonard as Spock
4. Leonard as Spock
5.Leonard as Spock
6. Leonard as Spock withWilliam Shatner as Kirk  in scene from ST 5
8.Leonard in The Sun Also Rises
9.Leonard as Spock
10. Leonard as Spock
12. Leonard  & Kim Cattrall 
     Scene is from  Star Trek Six
13  William Shatner             as Kirk
14. DeForest Kelley      as Bones in ST 3
15. Leonard
16 Leonard
17 Leonard & Lelia Goldoni
     Scene from Invasion
    of the Body Snatchers
18. Leonard & cast from
Mission Impossible
19 Leonard & Frank Welker recording The Pagemaster
20. Leonard
21. Leonard as Paris
      Scene from Mission Impossible
22 Leonard as Spock, with
DeForest Kelley as Bones &
William Shatner as Kirk
23 Lewis Collins
24 William Shatner
           as Kirk
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25.Alexander Siddig
as Dr Bashir DS9
26  Andrew J Robinson as Elim Garak DS9
27, Brett Spiner as
Data TNG-Nemesis
28 Brett Spiner as Data TNG
29. Clint Eastwood
30. David Duchovy
31.Dominic Keating as
Melcolm Reed -Enterprise
32. Jerry Lewis
33. Jonathan Frakes as
     William Riker TNG
34  Marilyn Monroe
35. Mel Gibson as Mad Max
36. Michael Dorn as Worf -TNG
37. Nana Visitor as
     Kira Nerys -DS9
38.Peter Jurasik as
Londo Mollari Babylon 5
39.      Corin Nemec as
  Jonas Quinn -Stargate SG1
40.Richard Burgi & Garett Maggort      as jim & Blair -The Sentinel
41 Robert Englund as          Freddie Krueger -Nightmare on Elm Street
42   Terry Farrell as
    Jadzia Dax - DS9
43. The Cast of TNG
44. Tom Berenger
45. Wil Weaton as
Westley Crusher TNG
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Price £9 Sterling/$15 USA each  p&p is extra.
£1.50 plus postage
average size 4x6"
46. Bill Shatner as Kirk
47. Bill Shatner
48 Leonard as Dr Durov in The Missing Are Deadly
49. Leonard-car
50   Leonard as Dr Durov in
     The Missing Are Deadly
51. Leonard as Miller               in  Catlow
52. Leonard
MARK LENARD (played Sarek- as himself holding cat)
                      personalised 'To Pandora' £20 plus post                                                                     

WALTER KOENIG (played Chekov- as himself on stage)  £40 plus post

GEORGE TAKEI (played Sulu) £40 plus post

ANTHONY MONTGOMERY (Travis -Enterprise) £18 plus post

TIM RUSS  (as Tuvok-Voyager -Red Tunic)  £18 plus post

TIM RUSS (as Tuvok signed-/ as T'Kar (DS9) not signed) £18 plus post

ETHAN PHILLIPS (as Neelix -Voyager) £18 plus post

JANE WYATT (played Amanda-mother of Spock)
weird one- Photo is actually ofDame Judith Anderson (played high priestess ST3)
               but signiture is definately Jane Wyatt's
               -maybe fan couldn't find a picture of Jane for signing
               and used Judith's instead, or just wasn't a trekker and
               got mixed up or found themselves in the wrong queue
                                    £10 plus post

LEONARD and JOHN De LANCIE   Signed Alien Voices poster   £120 plus post

Book: The Making of Star Trek by Whitfield & Gene Roddenberry
signed 'To Gloria' by James Doohan & George Takei £100 plus post

Book: The Final Frontier
signed 'To Angela' by Richard Arnold & Todd Bryant (Klaa) £50 plus post
Please be aware we do not provide signed pictures by Leonard unless they are listed here for sale to raise funds for the club
and its charities. We do not accept items for signiture .
Please see FAQ. page

It has been drawn to our attention several autograph dealers have been issuing fake coa's and are claiming to be members of autograph dealers associations' on well known on-line  auction sites.
We strongly recomend going direct to sites like PADA or AFTA who will list their member dealers
53  Bill Shatner & Doug McClure in
                  Barbary Coast
54 Bill Shatner
Walter Koenig
Ethan Phillips
7,  Sorry Sold Out