The OLNFC are sorry we do not provide signed photographs on request.
We do occasionally distribute signed items to our members,or as prizes at our conventions .
We recommend non members check our sales pages as sometimes signed items are for sale there or from a credited dealer-see below


The information below will change when the UK finally leaves the EU
on 31 January 2021

If you are living in the UK and buy items from a non EU country, ie on Ebay, from Amazon etc.. you may be liable for Import VAT and or  Customs duty payable to HM Customs, via the Post  Office or other carrier.

The costs of the postage and any insurance are included along with the value of the goods when HM Customs calculate what is payable.
This increases the tax and vat bills by quite a lot if goods have come from a distance.

On top of VAT and duty  the carrier will add a charge for handling your payment to HMC
This is approx £12

So it is advisable to work out exactly what you need to add to the value of the goods & postage before you order.

It is a sad state of affairs these charges act as a major deterrent in buying from the USA for instance, and until the UK leaves the EU things will not improve.

Because the charges can be complicated please  check with customs for more current information on importing from outside EU.

The above information is a guide only-the olnfc takes no responsibility for changes                                that may take place or any transactions based on this information.

We receive many enquires about submitting scripts for the series   Star Trek.

Please be aware Paramount own all rights to Star Trek.

The studio will not accept unsolicited scripts.

Their legal department will return all such script submissions unread

The fan club will not accept, or forward  unsolicited scripts, screenplays,

They will be returned unread only if a addressed envelope
plus full cost of postage is provided,
otherwise they will be recycled

There is nothing to stop you publishing yourself online, but be warned
in providing a work to the general public, the publisher takes responsibility for the publication. For example, publishers may face charges of defamation, if they produce and distribute libelous material to the public, even if the libel was written by another person, therefore we
recommend you think very carefully before ‘net publishing if the article relates to any living people, or involves someone else’s copyrighted property.

For further advice on how to get work accepted for television and the movies

contact The Writers Guild of America.


If you would like to have your work or manuscript considered for publication by a major book publisher, we recommend that you work with an established literary agent. Each agency has manuscript submission guidelines. You may wish to refer to The Literary Marketplace (the LMP), a reference guide that contains a listing of literary agencies. It can be found in most libraries. Another excellent source is The Writer's Market, which you should be able to find in a local bookstore or library. You can also visit their Web site at for more information
email me



Because Leonard has died the demand for purchasing pre-owned photographs etc. has increased greatly as well as the purchase prices.
There are many 'signed' photographs on sale through various outlets.
Many are fake,so be aware,unless a star actually signs in front of you there is no sure way of knowing  it's genuine.
Autopens, preprints, secretarial,stamps, and forgeries are common in all fandoms.
Only buy from a dealer who belongs to a recognized professional assoc'.

Do not trust a Certificate of Authenticity
if the seller is dealing with fakes,they wont mind printing up a few COA's to go along with them.
Any Autographed pictures of Leonard sold on these webpages were obtained from Leonard himself  unless we state otherwise
Have you brought a autographed picture and not sure it's genuine?
There are authentication services available,including
Global Authentics LLC
This page was last updated: September 28, 2020
Use this button to email us, but please read the above advice carefully first
if you are enquiring about autographs, or script ideas
Remember we do NOT supply autographs
We do not fwd scripts.
'Quite simply captain, I examined the problem from all angles, and it was plainly hopeless. Logic informed me that under the circumstances, the only logical action would have to be one of desperation. Logical decision, logically arrived at." -- Spock
Data protection

EU data protection will effect everyone who visits our guestbook, emails us or is a member. Please visit our membership form page to see  the notice. If you have any questions we will endevour to answer them but you should do your own independent research regarding the data regulations before emailing us or using our guestbook, especially if you are not a member of this club, and are unfamiliar with the way we use information sent to us.
The UK will have to implement and abide by this regulation from May 2018 at least up until full Brexit when it may remain under UK law or be scrapped.