Thank You For Your Love
Paperback-Blue Mountain Arts   1980
             Athena international 1980
                    Come Be With Me 
          Paperback-Blue Mountain Arts 1978
I Am Not Spock
Paperbacks-Celestrial Arts     1976
                  Ballantine Books 1979
Hardback -  Buccaneer Books 1997
I Am Spock
       Hardcover  Hyperion Books 1995
                      Century           1995
             Paperback   Hyperion     1996
A Lifetime of Love:Poems on the Passages of Life                  Hardcover-Blue Mountain Arts 2002  
Hardcover-Umbrage Editions Inc 2002
These Words Are for You
Paperback-Blue Mountain Arts 1981
Warmed by Love
Hardcover-Blue Mountain Arts 1983
We Are All Children Searching for Love:A Collection of Poems and Photographs          Paperback Blue Mountain Arts 1977
CVincent:A Full Length Play
Dramatic Publishing Co 1984
You and I
Paperback-Celestial Arts  1973
Will I Think of You?
Paperback-Celestial Arts 1974
                 Dell                1975
The Full Body Project
Five Ties Publishing
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Secet Selves
Mass'museum of contempory Art
Good words. That's where ideas begin.. Dr David Marcus