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The OLNFC publishes all information in good faith-could be subject to changes and so the OLNFC  accepts no responsibility as this is intended as a guide only.
'Fascinating is a word I use for the unexpected...'
'interesting shall suffice here..Mr Spock'
Check out Leonard's grandson Jonah's  website of art and music here
and don't forget Dani's LL&P Shop found   here

We would like to thank everyone who supported our stall and therefore the charities we  support. Sadly the next Destination is moving to Excel London and we are unlikely to attend.
We will be at Birmingham NEC for Collectormania 5/6 September 2020 where we will be selling Star Trek memorabilia for our charities and club funds
Useful tip: how to check a email is genuine.
Just hover your cursor over the email senders name and it will reveal the full address of the sender. This works both for opened and closed messages.
If you are not sure, check the address against a older message from the legitimate sender or check your address book. Be careful spammers often only change one or two characters to fool you. The address should be exactly the same,
If you are at all unsure DELETE and then you can email the person you think sent the message, but remember if it wasn't from them there isn't much they can do.
It is up to you to be alert and careful about your security. Never open any attachment unless positive of its origins, or send information or money without checking carefully.