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'Fascinating is a word I use for the unexpected...'
'interesting shall suffice here..Mr Spock'
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left: Christmas greeting
from our little Dog Trust
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'A dog is for life
not just for Christmas'

The olnfc will be delivering
your donated gifts to the
Kenilworth kennels Xmas tree shortly
Once again a warning not to assume a email is from us just because the name is the same -You must check  the whole email address carefully. Never ever click on links or attachments unless you are positive who sent it. If it doesn't look right -it isn't. Crooks will change very little of the correct email address so double check for tiny differences. All you have to do is DELETE and then email the supposed sender and check it was their message . Be safe, be sure.
It is with sadness we have heard D.C Fontana died  December 2, aged 80.  She was a multi-talented writer and story editor who worked on the original Star Trek series, Animated, TNG, DS9 and appeared in the more recent 'For the Love of Spock'.
Dorothy used just D.C when it was hard for women to break into
the industry. She wrote the novel 'Vulcan's Glory' and Leonard
credited her for filling out the Spock characters back-story.
She sometimes worked under the name Michael Richards.
She wrote for many well known TV series including The Tall Man
episode 'Bounty for Billy' familiar to all Nimoy fans.
Our thoughts go to her family and friends.