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The OLNFC publishes all information in good faith-could be subject to changes and so the OLNFC  accepts no responsibility as this is intended as a guide only.
'Fascinating is a word I use for the unexpected...'
'interesting shall suffice here..Mr Spock'
Thanks to everyone who has sent us their unwanted memorabilia to sell on our dealer tables to help raise funds for the chosen charities and club funds.
Your support is very much appreciated by the olnfc and those well deserving charities. Following recent press reports about certain large charities - please be aware we only donate money to people we are sure spend it wisely and not on administration and huge wage bills. This has been our policy for many years. Where possible we visit the charities personally to deliver any donations and check the facility.
Spring issue has been mailed - there maybe a delay in delivery  due to weather conditions in parts of the UK

as a cost saving measure only paid-up memberships will recieve one
We have ajusted our print run to reflect this so did you need to renew ?