Welcome to our sales section.
All the items for sale on the following pages have kindly been donated, for us to sell and profits used to help the charities we support and  pay for fanclub projects.
Some items are brand new or unused and in very good condition, others are well used so we concider everything we sell as 'used'. We will be pleased to answer any questions on condition and price...just ask.
We will need to know your home country in order to quote postage, which in most instances is charged seperately.
This page was last updated: December 29, 2017
You may find that having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting.
This is not logical, but it is often true." -- Spock-
includes newsletters, convention booklets and other fan published material
.unofficial fan written stories and novels often dating from the early days of Trek fandom when
there were no commercial novels to buy in stores
A wide selection of Magazines,programs  & Comics that feature Leonard, Trek or other fandoms
includes Photographs, scripts, posters
               and autographed items
audio and visual items
page includes badges pins buttons patches bookmarks stickers and items that don't fit in the other sales pages
includes club logo merchandise