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DVD Star Trek TOS - Galileo 7 / Court Martial/  Menagerie pt 1 (region 2) £3
DVD Star Trek TOS - Paradise Syndrome/ the Children Shall Lead/Is There No Truth (region 2) £3
DVD Star Trek (2009)  2 disc special (region 2 ) £5
DVD Star Trek (2009) (region 2 ex rental) £4
DVD Unstoppable - Cris Pine (ex rental)(region 2) £5
DVD The Good Mother-Leonard directs (region 2) £5
DVD Star Trek 4 The Voyage Home (region 1 ) £4
DVD Star Trek 5 The Final Frontier (region 1) £4
DVD Star Trek 6 The Undiscovered Country (region 1-box damaged) £3
DVD The Balcony  (region 0) £5
DVD STTNG - The Emissary /Peak Performance / Shades of Grey (region2) £3
DVD MIND MELD (region 2) £7
RECORDS -33 / 45 RPM

LP The Martian Chronicles - There Will Come Soft Rains Usher 2 (Caedmon-read byLNimoy) £40.00
LP The Green Hills  of Earth - Gentlemen Be Seated  (Caedmon-read by LNimoy) £40.00
LP Star Trek - Time Stealer- Starve a Fleaver- Logistics of Stampede-A Mirror for Futility (Power ) £25
Book/Record set  Passage to Moauv (Peter Pan) £10
Book /Record set To Starve a Fleaver (1979 sealed Peter Pan) £10
Book/ Record set Star Trek 3 The Search for Spock (Buena Vista) £10
Book / Record set Star Trek The Motion Picture (Buena Vista) £10
45rpm Imagine-Working Class Hero (John Lennon Apple Label 1971 ) £4.50

Audio Book Web of the Romulans (read by Leonard Nimoy & George Takei) £4
Audio Book Final Frontier (not the film! read by Leonard Nimoy & James Doohan) £4
Audio Book The Entropy Effect (read by Leonard Nimoy & George Takei) £4
Audio Book Star Trek 4 The Voyage Home (read by Leonard Nimoy & George Takei) £4
Audio Book Star Trek 5 The Final Frontier (read by Leonard Nimoy & George Takei) £4
Audio Book Star Trek The First Adventure (read by Leonard Nimoy & George Takei) £4
music Star Trek Vol 2- The Doomsday Machine & Amok Time £2

CD   A Sentimental Christmas (cast & crew of  tv series Sentinal including Burgi & maggart) £50
CD   Jake Trout & the Flounders (Leonard Nimoy,Alice Cooper,Clint Eastwood,Greg Norman, etc. £20

Star Trek The Kobayashi Alternative (1985 for mac with 512k -diskette) £3

VHS FILMS-£4 each plus postage

Baffled  (Leonard & Susan Hampshire ) (NTSC-USA)
Star Trek25th Anniversary 1991 (Pal-UK)
Wagon Train-'Maggie Hamilton Story' (NTSC-USA)
Bonanza (3 tape set boxed) 'The Underdog' (C Bronson)
                                          'The Dark Gate' (J Coburn)
                                  'The Honor of Cohise (De Kelley) (Pal-UK)
New Frontiers(3 tape set boxed) Threshold/Best Stuff/New Frontiers
Narrated by Leonard (Pal-UK)