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There seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere... Kirk
THE 17th OLNFC Members Convention

May 15th - 17th May 2020

registration is now open
for more details and form contact Mags

We attend events and sell donated items of memorabilia in aid of our chosen charities (see charity page for more info) and in aid of fan club funds, so if you have unwanted items related to TV film or theatre please consider sending them to us
The OLNFC will be having a dealers table at

Collectormania 26

Saturday 1 June - Sunday 2nd June 2019

    guests announced so far are, as always subject to work commitments

Ethan Phillips (Saturday/Sunday) Voyager
Steven Berkoff (Sunday) ST DS9
Tony Robinson (saturday) Blackadder
Paul Darrow (saturday) Blakes 7
Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa (Saturday& Sunday) Lost in Space
Frazier Hines (sunday) Dc Who
Attila Vajda (saturday) Dc Who
Colin Baker (saturday) Dc Who
Sylvester McCoy (saturday & sunday) Dc Who
Arthur Darvill (Saturday) Dc Who
Sophie Aldred (sunday) Dc Who
Wendy Padbury (saturday & sunday) Dc Who
Patrick Strickson (Saturday & Sunday) Dc Who
Ryan Gage (saturday) The Hobbit
Arie Dekker (saturday & sunday) Star Wars
Dean Mitchell (Sunday) Star Wars
Malcolm Dixon  (Saturday) Star Wars
Karol Cristina Da Silva (Sunday) Star Wars
Paul Davis (Saturday) Star Wars
Dermot Crowley (Saturday) Star Wars
John Ratzenberger (Saturday & Sunday) Star Wars
Rusty Goffe (Saturday) Star Wars
Caroline Blakiston (Saturday) Star Wars
Ian Whyte (Saturday & Sunday) Game of Thrones
Natala Tena (Saturday& Sunday) Game of Thrones
Elizabeth Webster (Saturday) Game of Thrones
Faye Marsay (Saturday) Game of Thrones
Finn Jones (Saturday & Sunday) Iron Fist
Peter Purves (sunday) Blue Peter
Iwan Rheon (Saturday) Inhumans
Ken Leung (Saturday&Sunday) Inhumans
Sarah Douglas (Saturday & Sunday) Superman
Brandon Routh (Saturday & Sunday) Superman Returns
Laura Vandervoort (Saturday/ Sunday) Supergirl
Rutger Hauer (Saturday & Sunday) The Hitcher
Vernon Dobtcheff (Saturday) Marco Polo


Leeds 1972 Football reunion (Saturday)   Paul Reaney                  
                                                              Peter Lorimer
                                                              Johnny Giles
                                                              Norman Hunter
                                                              Allan Clarke
                                                              David Harvey
                                                              Mick Bates
                                                              Mike Jones
                                                              Eddie Grey

Spurs 1984 Football reunion (Sunday 11-3pm)   Mick Hazard
                                                                        Peter Shreeves
                                                                        Keith Burkinshaw
                                                                        Graham Roberts
                                                                        Paul Miller
                                                                        Marco Falco
                                                                        Tony Galvin
                                                                        Tony Parkes
                                                                        Ossie Ardiles
                                                                        Gary Stevens
                                                                        Gary Mabbutt
Gail Kim  (Saturday & Sunday) wrestling                                                        
Ryan Giggs (Saturday) football 
Duncan Ferguson (saturday) football
John Hartson (Sunday) football
Dennis Law(Saturday) football
Tony Cottee (Sunday) football
Frank Mcavennie (Sunday) football
Charlie Nicholas (Sunday) football
Paul McGrath (Saturday) football
Kevin Keegan (Saturday) football
Frank Mcavennie (Sunday) football
Ricky Villa (Sunday 11-3pm) football
Billy Bonds (Sunday) football
Trevor Brooking (Sunday) football
Ricky Hatton (Saturday) boxing
John Conteh (Saturday) boxing
Frank Bruno (Saturday) boxing
John H Stracey (Saturday) boxing
Phil Taylor (Saturday & Sunday) darts
Bobby George (Saturday 11-3pm) darts
Phil Bennet (Sunday) rugby
Gareth Edwards (Sunday) rugby
Alastair Cook (Saturday) cricket
Curtly Ambrose (Saturday & Sunday) cricket
Steve Davis (Saturday 11-3pm) snooker
Dennis Taylor (Saturday 11-3pm) snooker

  Lee Bradley (Saturday/Sunday) Transformers
  Simon Myers (Saturday/Sunday) Dr Who
  Lee Townsend (Saturday/Sunday) 2000AD
  Ian Richardson (Saturday/Sunday) 2000AD

please note although attendance is listed by days guests may only attend for a  few hours during the day so please check the event website for more info'

sadly Terence Stamp, Eddie Hall, Mark Jackson,Josh Warrington,  Carl Froch,
Jessica Henwick, Jack Charlton and Gethin Anthony have cancelled thier appearances

Destination Star Trek  2019

Event Open Times
Friday 25th October
14:00 - 20:00 (Registration Opens: 10:00)
Saturday 26th October
09:00 - 18:00 (Registration Opens: 08:00)
Sunday 27th October
09:00 - 18:00 (Registration Opens: 08:00)

guests: Subject to work commitments

ROBIN CURTIS  (Frid/Sat/Sun) ST3/ ST4/ TNG
ALICE EVE (Sat /Sun) ST into Darkness
KIMBERLY ARLAND (Frid/Sat/Sun) ST2009 / ST into Darkness
Michael Roeves (Sat) TNG
Eric Menyuk (Frid/Sat/Sun) TNG
Jonathan Frakes (Frid/Sat/Sun) TNG
Denise Crosby (Frid/Sat/Sun) TNG
Suzie Plakson (Frid/Sat/Sun) STE/VOY/TNG
Hallie Todd (Frid/Sat/Sun) TNG
Richard Poe (Frid/Sat/Sun) VOY/DS9/TNG
Fintan McKeown (Sat) Voy
Michael Ensign (Frid/Sat/Sun) VOY/DS9/TNG
Gwynth Walsh (Frid/Sat/Sun) VOY/TNG/Generations
J G Hertzler (Frid/Sat/Sun) DS9/VOY/Enter
Tracee Cocco (Frid/Sat/Sun) TNG/DS9/Generations
Penny Johnson Jerald (Frid/Sat/Sun) DS9
Anson Mount (Frid/Sat/Sun) Disc
Ethan Peck (Frid/Sat/Sun) Disc
AlanVon Sprang (Frid/Sat/Sun) Disc
Connor Trinneer (Frid/Sat/Sun) Ent
Anthony Montgomery (Frid/Sat/Sun) Ent

Standard Tickets

For visitors who just want to enjoy the event at their own pace, and have the flexibility of chosing what they want to see and do, the standard tickets allow you entry to the event and the ability to then add any additional tickets on top.

3 Days (Frid/Sat/Sun) £49.00
Weekend Ticket (Sat/Sun) £39.00
1 Day Ticket (Sat or Sun)  £29.00
Please note  no single day tickets available for Friday.
The only way to attend Friday is with a 3 day ticket or one of the special packages.

Guests are charging for autographs throughout the weekend. Autograph tickets  are available to purchase in advance of the event.
Guests will be taking part in professional photo sessions and charging for the photo opportunity throughout the weekend. Photo shoot tickets are available to pre-purchase now and will be available to purchase on the days you attend, subject to availability.

Remember all guests are subject to work commitments and some are not attending on every day of the event.

Children: Children who are 5 or under on 25th October 2019 do not require a ticket but must be accompanied at all times by a paying adult.